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Cruising south, again.

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 8:33 am
by Jim
Hi all, we decided it was time to go wandering again, so we did. We decided to head south, again, knowing we would be motoring into 15 knot SE trade winds at this time of the year. We were not going to go any further south than Townsville. Having been to the Whitsundays last year, we were well and truely over that place. Good sailing area, plenty of good anchorages, good island walks, dirty (milky) water, COLD, (we are from Cairns, so cold for us), no spearfishing, too many boats, too many dickheads with zero boat skills on bareboats, huge currents, so you have to plan with the tides in mind, sometmes. At one time we were going through Long Island Sound doing 12 knots with zero steering, interesting.
That is just our oponion, heaps of people rave adout the place.
After our trip down there last year, we thought there was nothing south of Townsville worth visiting again. From Magnetic Island, great place, to Lizard Island you are never out of sight of at least one Island, and if you aren't too far inshore good water for spearing.
We were anchored at Havannah Island in the Palm Island group last night, which is a fair weather anchorage, "knowing" the wind was going to pick up mid morning so we would leave early, all good. I awoke at 0500 with 15 to 20 knots with the anchor chain wrapped around a bommie in 6 meters, with almost no slack and the bridal trying to rip the front crossbeam off the boat. I couldn't let more chain out because I couldn't release the bridal, not good. We waited till the sun came up so I could dive down to see which way we were wrapped, came back up and drove the boat in the right direction to release it. All good, no damage, cold Jim, just another thing to confirm that BOM doesn't get it right too often.
More later if anything happens, or doesn't.
The tablet battery is getting sad so, cheers for now,

Re: Cruising south, again.

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:26 pm
by mySerenity
Had a similar anchor issue recently, the anchor just would not budge. Good to know that the anchor holds so well, but hell to retrieve.

It was in the Brisbane river (big bullshark breeding territory, for those not too familiar). With chain tight at full radius, decided to go clockwise around 360 degrees, which then allowed the chain to untangle whatever it was caught on. The intention if that did not work, was to go anticlockwise once (to undo what I had just done), then go full radius anticlockwise again, to see if that did it. Hope that makes sense.

Any way, it unravelled the first time when almost threw the first 360 clockwise.

How far down are you coming?

Re: Cruising south, again.

Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 6:53 am
by Jim
Hi James, we are back home now after 7 weeks, not long enough. We had never intended to go any farther south than Townsville, besides there is plenty to do around there. Stopped in to Norship at Cardwell on the way home to finish the anti fouling on the bottoms of the minikeels and rudders, we did the rest on a beach before we left. Only intended to stay there in the slings for a few hours but found some damage to the port minikeel and rudder so had to have a sleepover there to fix them. I don't know what we hit, I heard the impact but there wasn't anything visible in front of the boat and couldn't see anything after we hit it. Mistery. May have to remove the rudder to repair it properly, no biggy, but I could live without it. Only saw one whale, too early, and drank too much beer. We were thinking about re-stocking in Cairns and continuing on to Lizzard (Blizzard) Island but it is a bit early now as it is too hard to get back. October/November is a better time, besides time to re-stock the dwindeling coffers.

Re: Cruising south, again.

Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:41 pm
by terryk
Thanks James and Jim, one day when I`m finished sanding and painting I might see you up there :D Cheers