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Re: glassing the keel

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FYI. I Glassed mine on the hull and each layer I carried down the hull a little farther. So the first layer I went about 100 mm and the second about 300 mm then 600mm and the last went all the way over the chine. I felt that would be the strongest and would make the fairing easier as the transition would be better. Yes it took a little more time but I did the keel while I was doing other parts of the boat so in the end it didn't take any more time. I've heard this so many times ( don't over think it )
and now I'm going to tell on myself. I "THOUGHT " if I I added a curve piece at the front bottom of the keel (as it sits upside down)it would flow through the water better and help with debris Getting caught under the boat when sailing in waters with a lot of plant life. DONT DO IT!!! Haha. That just made putting the glass on harder. Make the front and back as vertical as possible and that will make folding the glass easier and neater. With that said. I'm "THINKING"
( probably trouble) about making additional pieces that will bolt ot after all the finish paint goes on so I can remove and clean them.
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