Laminating Foam to Foam Question

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Laminating Foam to Foam Question

Post by UNCIVILIZED » Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:09 am

I ran across some inexpensive (relatively) Divinycell recently, however it's a fair bit thinner than I'd prefer (by about half actually). The thing is, if I can figure out how to properly laminate 2 layers of it together, it'd be about perfect (thickness wise) for the build I'm thinking on.
Does anyone have any experience with pulling off such a "trick", or pointers on where to look, info wise?

Also, it'd surely be nice to be able to laminate a couple of sheets together without adding a lot of weight to things. And I say as much, as somewhere ages ago, I recall a gent writing about using a layer of glass mat (between the 2 layers of foam) to do what I'm thinking. However, mat + resin = a lotta' weight, especially in relation to the foam. Plus, it'd likely stiffen things too much for the foam to be bendable around mold stations & such.
I think the term he termed used for foam, mat/resin, foam, combo was a "club sandwich".

Or, one of the build options I'm thinking on would entail laminating the foam onto/into one of the wooden skins of the boat, prior to vacuum bagging on the other skin (or laminating on some glass) overtop of the foam. So were I to go this route, what thoughts have ye as to how to laminate 2 layers of foam together, in situ? Prior to skin #2 going on.
Ah, & if you have ideas, please, the more details & or specifics, the better.


PS: If anyone's got some good links, or info about wood, foam, wood laminates, I'd surely appreciate them. Ditto of course on inexpensive sources for cores. :mrgreen:

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Re: Laminating Foam to Foam Question

Post by Finally » Fri Jan 09, 2015 8:02 am

Hi Uncivilized - and welcome

As part of my build I have to glue together 25mm thick Klegecell foam before shaping it for various items prior to glassing. Items such as daggerboards, rudders, skegs and bows.
038 Daggerboard shaped.jpg
340 Dry Fit Foam Bow 1.jpg
This was done with polyurethane foaming glue (which you can buy at a hardware store). With a couple of layers glued together it was still flexible - though obviously the more layers glued together the less flexible it became.

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Re: Laminating Foam to Foam Question

Post by groper » Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:58 am

I used the waterproof, moisture cure polyurethane glue also, butt joining sheets of foam together prior to laminating etc.

If gluing entire sheet faces together , need to be careful not to entrap large air pockets. I would probably approach it by mixing up a batch of fairing type epoxy bog, ie lots of qcells etc so it's light and fluffy. Then use a ~4mm depth notched trowel to spread an even coat before firmly pressing the sheets together. It would be preferable to use vacuum whilst it cured and could probably do 3 or 4 in a stack under a single vacuum bag before the resin kicked I would estimate.

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