Any topics on dinghies/tenders. Also the building of moorings, related topics, even free moorings.
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can someone tell me whether it is legal for an unlicensed person to drive your unregistered tender powered by your 15hp motor within 2 nm of your vessel?

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My understanding only - and no guarantee of correctness:

Yes - they can drive it - BUT - only if a licenced person accompanies them.

Any craft with engine horsepower greater than 6 needs to be operated by someone who is under the direction of a licensed driver.

The rule about the 2nm and tenders is that the tender does not have to be registered if it is clearly marked "tender to . . . " and only used within 2nm of its mother ship. Otherwise it requires a seperate registration.

Before the rules changed a few years ago to require licences for sailing vessels too, I was in the strange circumstance of needing a license to drive my tender with its 9.8hp motor, but not needing a licence to drive the 37ft boat that towed it!! Now I need a licence for both though. :(


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I wonder what applies to international or interstate boats in this regard?
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In Tassie the tender needs to be operating within 0.5 nm of the mothership (UFO :?: ) and less than 4.5 meters in length before needing separate registration. The tender does however need to carry the registration of said mothership

The operator of any vessel powered by more than 4hp engine needs to be licenced.
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