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In terms of revenue gathering to support the site some sites have some good ideas. For example, are now run by a commercial entity, but they have sponsor forums and ads. So you can ask a question directly to one of the vendors. The only issue with it is they expect preferential treatment in return and sometimes people can't post a competitors deal, or perhaps get censored in expressing an opinion not in favour of the vendor.

A domain name relating to forum would be good and will bring more traffic from search results. I don't use favourites in browsers, but have to for this one to remember it. For the longest time a google search would return the site, but end up in a another free forum.

Not sure how your IT skills are, but if you need a hand with forum setup let me know, I have a webhost4life windows server account that is underutilised, but may be cheaper to get a Linux one for phpbb. I may try setting one up for some fun this weekend.

I was thinking it would be great to have a designs area, somewhere to link to designers sites, and a way for people to link their own build to the design, PM an owner etc. If the designer wanted to contribute then fine, but most do avoid posting too much. Schionning have a forum on their site, but not a lot of posting there, maybe we could offer to take that on.

That is it for now.

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More Suggestions here

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Really appreciate the information. We have pne confirmed sponsor and two who have asked to be kept informed if something like this becomes available. Could you please PM me, absolutely no hurry. Better still, send to my home email if you have it.

Please keep your ideas coming in, thank you
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