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Post by Smooth Cruiser » Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:57 pm

Future, I don't see that you need any more piping than you would otherwise by locating a pump in each hull. Consider the piping network as a ring main at pressure, you can hook the pumps anywhere into this network. So assuming you have piping into both hulls anyway for taps then you just hook the pumps in there. Then you have a switch for each pump and run whichever pump you want depending on the levels in the two tanks. Leave the other pump switched off and its non return valve will stop water going back into that tank.

I think you really need to have the pumps as close to the tanks as possible and preferably at least partially gravity fed rather than drawing up. Ie a single pump in the bridgedeck sucking up from both tanks probably wouldn't work.

Alternatively you could plumb the two hulls seperately and not interconnect across the bridgedeck, then you would have two ring mains, one in each hull, each fed off its own tank and pump. You could always put a link across to allow you to transfer water from one tank to the other.

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