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Not a build, just a renovation :)

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:49 pm
by groper
My father and I Picked up an Bob Oram 39C in need of some TLC, it was a deal too good to pass on so we bought it and have plans to refit, renovate, modify, and rig it with sails.

Weve spent the last few days just emptying a shed load of gear off it so that we can start working on it without all the clutter inside it. I reckon about 1 metric tonne of unnecessary stuff has been removed and it now floats about 2-3 inches higher on its waterline. Will get more pics of the interior once weve finished emptying the rest of the stuff.

Plans are;
Full sand interior and fix up a few fairing and cutting mistakes, then repaint the entire interior;
Build a rear cabin wall bulkhead (never installed) with a doorway and 2 windows;
Build some new interior furniture and galley;
Chop off the rear half of the cabin and restore the original cockpit area design;
Move the instruments and helm to the rear cabin bulkhead;
reclaim one of the forward berths which was originally dedicated to fuel storage and battery bank;
Heaps of other odd jobs like installing fuel and water tanks, renovating the bathroom etc etc
Lastly - drop on a sailing rig - there are a few options here but we have time to think about it...

Re: Not a build, just a renovation :)

Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:01 am
by mikeb
Hi Groper
I look at the price of second hand boats at the moment & wonder why I ever started building... There are quite a few boats at what I'd consider 'materials' cost so if they are in pretty good condition it makes sense to do what you're planning. I recently put a boat into charter in the Whitsunday, paid 50% of it's original cost on a 6 year old boat. The numbers are a lot easier to justify at that price...
Good luck with this project. Mike

Re: Not a build, just a renovation :)

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:26 am
by rexd666
Recognise that one, even went to see it being built with Bob before he retired. I assume the build thread is still on boat design. All your ideas sound like just what is needs.

Re: Not a build, just a renovation :)

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 8:18 am
by Jim
Thank christ for that. That boat has been sitting next to the boat ramp near Bluewater Marina (for those who don't live here) for ever, it seems, just deteriating. At least you can put sails on this one without the concerns you had with rigging your power cat.
I am out at Fitzroy Island for a few days, so I will drop in and check out your progress when I get back.

Re: Not a build, just a renovation :)

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 6:16 pm
by groper
Yeah Jim, i know... was quite a few people getting towy about it being there so long... I saw you went out the other day, we went over to double island on sunday to give it a run.

Have done a heap of routine maintenance stuff that it needed, now its mechanically pretty good and the diesels are very happy.

Have discovered another problem this afternoon tho, the deck wasnt decored and back filled where the windlass is mounted, so the balsa deck around this area has absorbed a bit of water and turned to moosh... i gotta cut it out and replace it with resin soaked ply... not sure how far the damage has gone, gotta start cutting to find out...

I hope to christ the cleats and hatches have been done properly, or im going to find some more waterlogged areas...

Stop in and say gday Jim, on the end of the first finger...

Oh and if anyone knows about rigging this thing with a hitchhiker rig - where to get the gear, new or second hand, DIY info etc etc, let me know as we want to rig this thing sooner rather than later... need winches, mast, 2 roller furlers etc...

Re: Not a build, just a renovation :)

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 8:18 am
by 44c
You should have plenty of rig options with that boat. The guy who had it built couldn't make his mind up about what kind of rig he wanted, so it ended up with about 3 sets of chainplates! And NO rig!

Never been on it, but from people who have they reckon inside it's like a giant wardrobe. Hanging lockers everywhere.

39C's make great sailing boats though. I sailed on one across the Gulf of Carpenteria, and we averaged 8 knots without even raising the mainsail.

Re: Not a build, just a renovation :)

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 9:02 am
by groper
This is the result of the front 2 bolts of the anchor winch and hole into the chain locker not being decored and backfilled with epoxy...
The balsa under the winch was removed and replaced with plywood, but this core replacement wasnt big enough to fit the entire winch onto. This left the front 2 holes and half of the chain hole, still with a balsa core in the deck - and a ply backing plate in the chain locker. Anyways, you can see how far the water had spread, remembering this boat was only launched 3 years ago... It has now all been replaced with coosa board under the winch bolts and divinycell to replace the rotten balsa around the general area.

Did we ever have a discussion about foam Vs Balsa? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

44c, yes mate, i can see the extra set of chainplates from down below, however the mid pair was cut off at deck level - id say because they had been deemed redundant as the previous owner had made up his mind that he would rig it with the mast aft. Although the previous owner told me they were cut off without his permission...

At this stage, we are still looking at the hitchhiker rig... 2 big genoas, all handled from the cockpit... low cost and should be an effective rig for downwind and reaching cruising. The hull gets along nicely at 8 kts under motors, with a following sea it seems to like surfing and averages closer to 10kts. With a decent sail, should deliver alot more than the 20hp or so it needs for this speed...

Re: Not a build, just a renovation :)

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 9:12 pm
by mahnamahna
I know your question B v F is tongue in cheek, however it is bozo's like the original builders of your boat that give rise to the possibility of the argument in the first place. Any boat built badly will give issues. That is a badly built boat and would make me question other aspects of the build. If they are too careless to decore and back fill for through skins, what other short cuts have they taken?

For example, my design calls for a uni trough in the top of each bulkhead and a uni stack either side of them, I could very easily have left out the spanning uni troughs and who would know unless they cut the bulkhead open to look? But the designer has built these in for a reason.

In my opinion, simple decore and back fill is nowhere near enough under a winch or deck hardware that will carry any load, whether the core is foam or balsa. My winches all mount to ply pads with extra layers of glass either side of them, and the pads are either side of the balsa, so one inside one outside (as well as the decore of the holes) and the entire balsa core for 200mm around the deck cleats is removed and replaced with solid glass (and then just to be safe I put ply pads on the inside).

I have erred everywhere on the side of over build rather than under. And if as a result I am 100kgs heavier, so be it.

Every one of my through hulls has been decored double the designers recommended depth and a uni rope as well as filler used to fill the gap, every window, door way, hatch, and portlight, whether inside or out, has a decore and uni rope in the trough then filler, every through bulkhead for wiring etc has a decore and back fill as well as conduit glassed either side and the list goes on.

I have absolutely no fear about the core rotting because I was over paranoid about it during the build, scared by the balsa critics into being super vigilant.

But again, I would be wondering what things that are usually hidden that have not been done to save time or money.

Re: Not a build, just a renovation :)

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 9:55 pm
by groper
MM, Bob Oram`s son, was employed to build this boat for the previous owner... As far as i know, the work to install the winch was contracted to the company that supplied the winch - had nothing to do with the owner or the builder!

Everything else ive seen in the boat, appears to have been done properly - so im not overly concerned about it... If anything, it only proves the paranoia attitude is the only way to be - when building in balsa...

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced mast supplier? I was lucky i was sitting down when i got the quote from all yacht spars.... :o :o

Re: Not a build, just a renovation :)

Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 5:03 pm
by 44c
I got mine from Whalespars down near Gosford. Very reasonable, basically sold me a bare mast section, boom section and some spreader section at a dollars per kilo price.

Best to see what you can find second-hand though. How tall a rig do you want? I think Bob Oram has a smallish rig (maybe 13 or 14 m tall) in his shed that he's not going to use. Rigged to the masthead, that would give you a decent headsail area.