interesting mast idea

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Re: interesting mast idea

Post by Darren » Thu May 15, 2014 2:52 pm

Just came across this design, and then found this thread before re-posting. Interesting, and seems to have worked well in actual execution (several on the water now)
44c wrote:Exactly right. The designers of Wild Oats etc slaves to tradition???? Canting keels and daggerboards, yet supposedly they go with a sloop rig NOT because it's fast, but because it's "traditional"? The designers of boats like Banque Populaire slaves to tradition??? I don't think so.
Hmm - tradition and rating rules. It's amazing how much rules have perverted the development of sailing rigs.

personally - I'm very interested in the MastFoil rig (or even a-frame, but mastfoil is less confronting at resale I guess). I really like the idea of very easy sail management (easy == safe). Not so sure about the Atlantic 47 (working in that front cockpit could be cold and wet - would like a smaller sail handlng cockpit, and still do most from inside, and rear steering position).

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Re: interesting mast idea

Post by groper » Thu May 15, 2014 8:08 pm

Nothing to do with tradition... The ocean crossing record breaking multis such as bank populaire 5 and the many predecessors before her, we not designed for any class rules, race entry qualifiers or any other limitation ... The only design goal was crossing oceans in record time. The teams of aerodynamics and naval engineers responsible for the record winning designs, all chose the rotating wing mast Bermudan sloop rigs... Why? Because this configuration offers best power to weight ratio, best structural strength to weight ratio, and best lift to drag ratio, in a rig that can be reefed for variable weather conditions. Nothing but pure engineering design fit for a specific purpose dictates these choices.

In this class of yacht, conventional thinking has not hindered design progress. In other classes, it most certainly has. But the fact no one has come up with something more efficient in the unlimited classes, means we are simply doing the best we can limited only by our knowledge, materials and manufacturing ability. The move to multi element rigid wing sails in the last americas cup and a-class catamarans , proves this is more efficient than soft sails on wing masts. However, it simply isn't an option for ocean sailing unless they figure a method of reefing quickly and safely.

Cost also limits choices for the majority of purposes also...

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