Rigging components, external fittings and Sails
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Post by madaz » Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:27 am

As a bit of a follow up, if anyone is mast shopping I would be very reluctant to go with my supplier again, I have had plenty of dramas with missing components which after 6 months is now almost sorted, alot of time and hassle which shouldnt have happened.

From what I gather of the 6 of us who ordered the two that ordered completed assembled masts had no problems, those that wanted to do the final assembly themselves have all had strife.

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Post by dialdan » Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:52 pm


If anyone is interested I have an Allyachts mast 11.9 metres long complete with masthead crane, gooseneck ,spreaders 1/19 wire turnbuckles etc in as new condition .

pm for details


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Post by 44c » Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:05 pm

The rig near finished:

I should take some close-ups like Sean's.

Now we just need a few minutes with wind less than 5000mph so we can step the bloody thing....

Some costing:

The 16 metre 235 section was $2500

6 metres of 225mm Boom section was $800

4 metres of spreader section was $200

15m of batten car track was around $300 (cant remember exactly)

All from Whalespars. John Denton delivered it all too.

All the wire, turnbuckles, rigging screws, T-ball tangs, backing plates, and swageless fittings are from Blue Wave rigging, and cost $5100. There's a guy there called Toby who is very good to deal with.

Along with a few other Bob Oram builders we got a fantastic deal on furlers from Almasts.

Excellent quality gear, we got them for $2150 ea (IMO better than Profurl etc) with 16m of foil and to suit 10mm forestay. I'm impressed with this furler, it's very solid, and it can be fitted to an existing forestay, unlike some which require you to replace the stay.

Another "Bob's Bulk Buy" Was cordage. I got 700metres of rope, mostly spectra in 12mm, 8mm and 6mm (for lifelines) for $2000.

Add in welding, sheaves, assorted nuts, bolts and screws etc, I'd say we'll rig the boat, including furler and cordage for around $15000.00.

A kit from Allyachts was over $30k, so worth the work!

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Post by Trev » Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:28 pm


Great info, my quote from Allyachts was closer to $40k so I'm going to make some inquiries with the companies you mentioned , thats a big saving. Hope the weather improves soon.


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