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for those in the know can you tell me how to attach a bridle to your anchor rope? ive got a little hook thingy for the chain but was out fishing/sleeping last night and couldnt think of an easy way to bridle the rope, (also on the funny side i had no winch handle(due to it being borrowed/stolen :evil: ) and the clutch was loose would let stuff out but not pull it back in fortunately i had a large pair of pliers scissors and a screw driver with which i was able to tighten the clutch up to pull said very heavy anchor back in :shock: ]

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To attach your bridle to the rope part of your rode, use a rolling hitch. I use a short piece of rope. One end gets tied (with a bowline) through the loop in the bridle that the chain hook is arttached to. The other end of this short bit of rope gets tied to the anchor rode with a rolling hitch. A rolling hitch and bowline is good because you can easily undo them even after subjected to high loading.

And always carry spare winch handles!! And lock them inside the boat when you leave it - they tend to walk otherwise!!
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