Seagull striker

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Smooth Cruiser
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Seagull striker

Post by Smooth Cruiser » Sun May 25, 2008 6:47 pm

Had to do a bit of reinforcing on my seagull striker the other day. The backing plate was starting to stretch the aluminium of the forebeam and threatening to pull through.

Here are the before photos, the port side was by far the worst but the starboard was starting too:

Here is what it looked like with the stay removed. A bit worrying.

The fix was to bend up a few pieces of stainless to the right curvature and then connect them through with threaded rod to spread the load over the top and bottom of the beam section. I was going to weld some bracing just around the top but was worried about putting too much heat into the beam this close to the hull, so this bolting method was determined to be the best fix. I did both sides this way.

I attach these for anyone in the building stage - if you can put a beefier backing plate or more bracing in at the start it may save you this job some years down the track (not that the repair job was too hard - but a sudden failure may have been interesting . . . )

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Seagull striker

Post by Jim » Mon May 26, 2008 3:14 am

Looks like one of those repairs "for life". I don't know why that system isn't beefed up by the spar mob who build them, as that is a huge load on what ammounts to a few mls of mast section.


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