Fresh Bread and Home Made Yoghurt

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Fresh Bread and Home Made Yoghurt

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Not really a recipe, but a couple of items we really like having aboard - a breadmaker and a yoghurt maker.

The breadmaker makes delicous bread, and is very simple to use. We have a Breville, and it is surprisingly light on power consumption too.

Maximum consumption is 400 Watts (240 volts) during baking, and the heat cycles on/off around 50% of the time, and the bake cycle is only about 1/2 hour. So you could say 400Watts for maybe 20 minutes max.

So around 10 amp hours. The fresh bread is wonderful.

The yoghurt maker is even more frugal with power - it doesn't use any. Just a bit of hot water.

You can use the yoghurt to make really nice dips too.
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Fresh Bread and Home Made Yoghurt

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Fully agree with both of these - I use them too. Nothing like the smell of fresh bread on a boat . . .

I tried to make fresh bread in the BBQ a few times (it has a hood and an oven shelf) and it works but it is a bit hit and miss, temperature varies a lot with the strength of the breeze! But a bread maker is great and means you can stay out in that nice remote area for so much longer.

And fresh mackerel steak sandwiches with fresh bread while sailing along, mmm.
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