Mussaman Curry

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Mussaman Curry

Post by malallo » Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:07 am

I know that this site is for build issues but "a mans gotta eat"

this is a great recipe for those of us who cant cook to save themselves and wont need refrigeration.

Mussaman Curry(Serves 4)

4 big potatoes

300g of pumpkin

dried peas

packet or tin of mussaman paste

tin of coconut cream

2 x 2 fingers of scotch

Drink 2 fingers of scotch

cut the spuds and pumpkin into "1" cubes

Put in a pot with the paste and coconut cream

and cook slowly until the pumpkin pretty much disolves

10 min before serving, drink the last of the scotch add the peas

and if you have been lucky enough to catch some fish that as well

Serve over rice with a nice bottle of shiraz.


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