Chicken Fish

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Chicken Fish

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> 4 x Firm white fillets

> 1 x Lemon or lime (yuppy option, but really nice)

> ½ pckt Creamy chicken soup mix

> ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese

> Parsley or Basil, 2 tablespoons – yuppy option again (finely chopped)

> Clean salt water, ½ cup (option)

> Foil

Place in foil, sufficient to seal well when all ingredients are in place. Sprinkle generously with soup mix, then cheddar cheese and squeeze on the lemon (and parsley or basil for the yuppies :P ). One tablespoon of salt water. Seal so that no air escapes the foil, but leave air inside envelope for steaming. On hot BBQ for no more than 4 minutes, then chow in (PS if fish is tough, its cooked to long :cry: ).

Like it hot? About 10 drips of Tabasco also, really nice :oops: :twisted: .

Precooked, stores well in a fridge for 12 hours or so, but reduce cooking time to 3 minutes.

Any feedback appreciated