Engine Controls

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Engine Controls

Post by darwincat » Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:17 am

Dual helm stations, dual control heads for dual engines

I am building a Oram 44'C, with inboard diesels. The helm locations are at 11m and 4.5m from each engine and the engines are greater than 6m apart (all by cable route).

I wish to have one dual lever control head at each helm and have not dealt with bowden controls in a dual station system before.

My searches for information about how the different brand types of exchangers/transfers/dual station units work in a system has only come up with high level schematics.

I suppose drawings will be available once I purchase a unit or four but this may mean a choice not suitable for the spaces I have available.

Has anyone had experience with such an installation, that is with transfer or exchange units?

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