Harken / Lewmar / Ronstan

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Harken / Lewmar / Ronstan

Post by Finally »

I am looking at progressively buying deckhardware during the course of my build and have a need to purchase some blocks (for lifting purposes) which will eventually be used on the mainsheet system. My preference is to go with one manufacturer but will "mix and match" if needs be if one manufacturer is significantly superior in one area but not others.

The brands listed seem to be the most commonly used around the marinas though I am aware of others.

As an example, for comparable "Safe Working Load" the Harken ESP and Ronstan Core blocks seem to be about 15% more expensive than Lewmar's new HTX blocks.

Is the quality that much better or am I paying for a name? What has been your experience, are they all much of a muchness? Down the track, does the brand name of gear on a boat really affect the resale value?

I am not concerned about winches at this stage, but all the other bits and bobs.

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Re: Harken / Lewmar / Ronstan

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Hi David
I cannot coment personally on the quality of those brands mentioned except to reflect on your observation of them being popular, and they would not be popular if they were not reliable. I can now buy Lewmar at a good price so that has sealed it for me. Outback Dreamer will be using Lewmar Winches and within the week I'll be confirming if Lewmar will be used for the other deck hardware (I suspect so).
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Re: Harken / Lewmar / Ronstan

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Hi David

I have just completed the procurement of all our deck hardware, was a bit of a mission as I altered the deck layout on our boat quite a bit from the designers GA.

In my opinion the short answer to your question is no. They are all perfectly adequate for our intended use. If you find a rep that is OK to deal with and you are not getting ripped too hard on pricing then that is as good an outcome as you can hope for. The only part of this whole boat build that I am not enjoying is procurement. Everyone seems keen to get all they can out of you….

For our deck hardware (and all quotes over 5k) I always try for 3 quotes and then review. In this case I ran a weighted matrix comparing technical spec, cost, aesthetics, reputation/resale, and customer service.

Turned out pretty hard to split them. We ended up with Harken. Suggest you also add Selden to your list as their deck hardware range is worth a look.

You will for sure get much better pricing if you wait and buy it all at once as you can get project or wholesale pricing.

For your immediate lifting job you can find a 1MT chain fall with a few poly round slings and some shackles for <$100 that will most likely be better/safer?

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Re: Harken / Lewmar / Ronstan

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I asked the same question re: winches at boatdesign.net

http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/multih ... 43589.html
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Re: Harken / Lewmar / Ronstan

Post by Jim »

I have Anderson, which were supplied by Allyacht Spars. They supplied the complete mast, boom and all deck hardware as per the plans. I could have sourced my own deck gear, and possibly saved a bit but I didn't really know what I wanted, so I got it all from one Company. So far, no problems with anything Allyacht supplied.
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