Anyone finished with their dexter studio?

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Anyone finished with their dexter studio?

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G'day everyone!

"long time listener, first time caller"

Just wondered if anyone around the brisbane (ish) area is finished with and keen to sell their dexter studio, to suit a boat 13.4 x 6.4m (it's an Oram 44). We're going to move it closer to home, some days I spend more time travelling than working on it.... :shock: I'm happy to build a new one but my inner hippy wants to see if I can give an old one a new life!

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Re: Anyone finished with their dexter studio?

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Hi Gus
Can't even help you here. Not sure of any studios around these parts. If a shed will do, PM me and I'll see if one is available at Donnybrook for you. May want to suss out where that is first, has already been used for 4 cats.
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Re: Anyone finished with their dexter studio?

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Hi Gus, good luck with your build!

I got my shed from VP structures. It handled some near misses from cyclones, and was generally a great shed.

Bought it for $4200, sold it for $2500, made it a very cheap shed.

I think there have been a few price rises since then though, but still might be worth asking them the question.

I imagine they'd still have records of what type of shed mine was, so you could get a quote on a similar one. (They have a huge variety of types and prices.)

If we can help feel free to give us a call, always good to get another of Bob's boats on the water.

Cheers, Alan.
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