Hydraulic steering leaks?

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Hydraulic steering leaks?

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Hey guys. I have a hydrive steering system which seems to be leaking from just about everywhere including the pump. How do I best solve the leaks at all the hardline terminations? Does this require cutting the stainless pipes and starting all over? Also does anyone have a filter in their system? I would like to add a filter in the lines of my fluid reservoir. Seems because of the leaks dirt has been introduced into the system via constant top ups taking all the seals out.
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Re: Hydraulic steering leaks?

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I can only guess it is leaking because the fittings are incorrectly fitted, or done up not tight enough or too tight which can damage the olives. I have Hy-drive with plastic lines and no filter and haven't lost a drop in six years.
Hard to be any real help without seeing the instillation.
Why stainless??

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