no slipping please

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no slipping please

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I have been using a blend of copper/epoxy on my Oram 44c now for two years an am extremly happy with the results , but now want to go one step further. A hint for any body wanting to use this method. Reading through posts here, I see % rates for copper to epoxy. On my own boat Xhale, I managed to apply copper with trowel and then very tightly peel ply the surface and remove most of the resin. Result is a layer of almost pure copper. Yes, still have to get under the hulls and scrub, ok in summer while cruising north, but not so pleasant in dirty water in winter. I have been hoping to find somebody with experience with the electronic bug-off systems. Two I have located
1. To Be Sure. two sonic probes lowered into the water at bow and stern.
2. The (cat hulls)four transduser system inside the hull from Jaycar.
Has any body had experience with either of these products, and how effective are they. Costs could easily be justified with lack of slipping costs, but more so the lack of extra weight to the boat over the years with the addition of yet more heavy antifoul.
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Re: no slipping please

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Welcome on board and we do appreciate your putting 'finger to keyboard' to help us out here.

While I can't add to this topic, it is certainly one that many will be following. I did see another mob advertising their electronic wares in the latest 'Cruising Helmsman'. Their system will only work on steel hulls though and I think still require antifouling.
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