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Re: internal flooring

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I have followed the lower chine and you dont notice the curve its divided by frame 5 anyhow. Behind frame 7 I leveled up from the rear of the chine for the shower and toilet. you end up with a step up for the toilet in the last section which I will probably put accross the hull as well.
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Re: internal flooring

Post by Chrisg »

I built up the level of the lower chine between frames 5 and 6 by approx 30mm and tappered it off as it went fore and aft. Between frame 4 and 3 a false chine was required lower than the actual chine to allow the level floor to be project forward to frame 3. Its a bit of extra work but looks fine. The cabin soles between frame 3 and 7 in each hull will be glued in permanently this coming weekend. :D Another milestone :!: :!:
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Re: internal flooring

Post by Jim »

Visually you won't notice the floor rising towards the front, but while the floor is coming up the ceiling is coming down and the headroom diminishes rapidly. 50mm or whatever I lowered the floor by is quite noticeable compared to the other side which is as per the plans. It will be a much better work area once the sole is down.
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Re: internal flooring

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Hi all,
I see the last post is from 2012 but I hope someone is still reading. My question is what can I do at the stringer stage to either fix this or make it easier to lay the soles later.
What I mean is could I change the shape of the stringer that the floor sole sits on to make it level? Or could I add to the stringer to make the floor sole level? Either way I could save a lot of time doing it in the hull build stage before the ply skin goes on.
I'm also thinking about rounding the inside corners of the stringers before they go on the frames. This does a couple things. 1) I can use a router to cut the notches in the frames which saves me time. I just use a template to cut them and most are the same size. 2) that makes the inside edge nice and round with a finished edge. How has everyone else done it? Have you used a sander and sanded the edges or left them with sharp edges??

Thoughts, the more the merrier.
Thanks, Dean
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Re: internal flooring

Post by sea_bee »

Keep in mind that many of the stringers end up with structural locker shelves attached to the top edge. Rounding off that top edge would reduce the bond between the stringer and the shelf. Best would be to round the bottom edge and to bevel the top edge at the angle of the side of the boat so that the top edge is horizontal.

This doesn't help with the routing out of the notches, but keep in mind some advice from the designer. He suggested that the joints should not be tight; "not cabinet making". Bench testing of epoxy joints will show that the glued joints are stronger when there is a loose fit for the epoxy to penetrate.

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