Bridges don't move

What few tell you on the first attempt.
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Bridges don't move

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Make sure that your motors are down and locked in position.

I took two years off my life today, when entering the Marina with a very light tailwind. It was a tight left turn with a large bridge to contend with if you missed the turn. :cry:

Using asymmetric thrust, I got little to no reverse (with plenty of noise), on the port engine. The motor had not locked down in position when we originally started out some 5 hours prior. We missed the shoreline rocks by 5 meters or so, and something I would not like to do again. :oops: :oops:

We managed a 360, got into an open area, found the problem and got in on the second attempt.
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Bridges don't move

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Good to hear nothing was damaged! All part of the learning curve!! Normally as soon as you give the engines any revs at all in forwards they will lock down if they haven't already done so, you may find your locking catches are a bit stiff? Or perhaps your pulley ropes aren't quite long enough to allow the motor to reach the fully down position?

The other thing to add to this topic (which I know has caught a few forum members out, myself included) is to also make sure once you are back in the marina that you lift your motors out of the water. If you leave them for more than a few days weed builds up in the cooling water intakes and piping and the water won't flow any more :( . Also it doesn't take much barnacle or weed growth on the props to have a big impact on motor performance.
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Bridges don't move

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Dead right on the motors. I bought my Easy second hand. The owner told me to make sure the motors were down. I assumed he meant down as opposed to up, not down as in locked down. The first trip out of the berth we almost ran into the breakwater when the motors wouldn't reverse!

Good tip on keeping the motors up when parked. I forgot once and spent a miserable hour or so trying to get the slime off!.
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Bridges don't move

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love it, visions of years of hard work sittting in the back yard again 8-)

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