Layout Plans

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Layout Plans

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Here's a tip!

A really handy thing when coming into a new marina, or even a new berth in a marina you know, is to have a layout plan of the marina ready to look at. This way you can quickly see how to get to your berth, what side tie up it will be, whether it is going to be blow on or blow off etc.

A lot of marinas have a layout plan on their website, and it is very useful to go there and print a copy before your trip. Some are just general layouts, you really wnat the ones that show all of the finger names and berth numbers. Also for any marina you go to, hang on to the map they give you on arrival for future visits. I have a folder on board with maps of most of the marinas between Brisbane and Cooktown in it and it has come in very handy on many occasions.

This takes a lot of the stress out of coming in to a new berth, and also allows you to request a different berth allocation if you see an issue with the one they have given you, prior to arrival and finding out the hard way.