Pen Tie-ups

What few tell you on the first attempt.
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Pen Tie-ups

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We have been challenged with reversing into a tight pen now on about 20 occasions. Of those, six have been on my own and of the six, others have very kindle come out of the ‘woodwork’ to help on four approaches. I always accept the offers and find that their moral support and pointers a help. From their pointers, we have made our own tie-up technique/pattern and the last two occasions this plan has gone without hitch.

This in turn has now rubbed of on us to actively assist others in their pen tie-up predicaments, something I had never even thought of earlier. From the few I have seen/assisted, I am very happy with our progress given that two of the others ended in unfortunate damage incidents. The ‘bang’ from one was what alerted us to their tie-up dilemma.
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Pen Tie-ups

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Hi James, sounds like my berth. It is actually a mono berth, but because the mono in the berth beside me isn't too beamy I can fit with about

1 meter between us. So far, it's all good.

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Pen Tie-ups

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sadly i have joined those who have been the result of someone elses bad driving with a nice touch up of each of my bows due to someone not knowing how to drive their cat very well, glad that i have had a bit of practice now as i find it quite a lot of fun, not so much fun as ill have trying to repair my bows however

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