Bundaberg Marinas

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Bundaberg Marinas

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Moored 1.999nm up stream (couldn’t be more than 2nm with our unregistered dingy and no life jacket). Motored down to Bundaberg Port Marina and spent $140 – that was all quick and very easy.

Very clean, friendly and appeared to be well maintained.

I asked if I could leave the dingy there (or tucked away elsewhere on the precinct (security reasons) so I could go for a quick walk.

Yes, but it would cost another $25. Staff nice, but left with a bad taste.

Next time will try the one upstream.

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Re: Bundaberg Marinas

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Hi James
There is an American cat whose owners have the same bad taste but for most of the marinas along the NSW & QLD Coast, and have tagged Australia in poor way to the rest of the world for the way dinghies are delt with. :(

hey did you see the photo of the ADS i sent by PM :?:
Chris & Michelle

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Re: Bundaberg Marinas

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My impression of Bundy port marina was: money grubbers.

As marinas go it's fine, clean etc, but yeah, they want cash if you want to stop there with your dinghy - even worse, if you want to get water while refuelling, they hit you for $11!!!!

Even after ripping you off for their marked up fuel, they want $11 for a couple of hundred litres of water!

Has to be the biggest markup in history.
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