Building the 50' 23 ton fg cutter yawl "Daedalus"

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Building the 50' 23 ton fg cutter yawl "Daedalus"

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Way back in 1975 My beautiful friend and I moved into a DIY boat yard in Santa Barbara, California and proceeded to fulfill a dream of designing and building from scratch a 50' 23 ton fiber glass cutter yawl. Here we are 41 years later, happily married and retired from our Daedalus. Here's a You Tube current aerial drone 6 minute video of our sailboat "Sail the Daedalus"

At 82 years old I am still sailing an 18' gaff cat. See photo below.
We now are fulfilling our 2nd dream of creating a wildlife preserve for native plants and associated critters, but that's a different story not to be out lined here. However, if you wish to see the web site here it is; ... Amen

I did not take many photos of the project laid out before me. At that time it didn't dawn on me this was a mistake. I did write an outline of the whole experience with photos and me learning how to sail. BTW, my only sailing experience previously was ownership of a 35' Cheoy Lee Lion with lots of experience packed into 3 months ownership sailing in San Francisco Bay Heading out to Hawaii and luckily winding up safely in Santa Barbara. where this story begins:
download/file.php?mode=view&id=757 download/file.php?mode=view&id=756 download/file.php?mode=view&id=758

To be continued...
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16, 1976 Fred removing the mold from tha Daedalus. Party time!.jpg
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Re: Building the 50' 23 ton fg cutter yawl "Daedalus"

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Hell of a project, well done! I doubt if many of us would have taken so many photo's if it wasn't for digital cameras.

In an area with poor internet reception just now, but hope to check out the blog soon!
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