Life Jacket Servicing

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Life Jacket Servicing

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Extract from Queensland - Transport and Main Roads, Marine Information Bulletin - Issued 12 March 2007 (reviewed 18 January 2010) and (reviewed again February 2012).
Q. I've heard that I must have my inflatable lifejacket serviced. Is this correct and if so
how often is servicing required?
A. For a recreational ship: Yes, your inflatable personal flotation device must be serviced regularly. Follow the manufacturer's recommended service program for frequency of servicing or have it done annually. Be sure to keep receipts and certificates of servicing as documentary evidence is necessary to show that servicing has taken place.

Q. Retailers of personal flotation devices sell recharge kits for my brand and model jacket. Can I do the service myself?
A. Self servicing of inflatable personal flotation devices is not recommended. However, for recreational ships, should you consider yourself competent to do your own service you may. You
must follow the manufacturer's instructions and ensure the re-charge kit matches your jacket.
Documentary evidence of the servicing is required. Keep the receipts for recharge kits and record the service dates. ... d_faqs.pdf
Before the guns come out, this is purely for information purposes. I have finally tracked the legal stuff down. I spoke to a Safety Officer at Southport about a year ago to understand what they consider 'competent' as. He asked a bit about my boat and when he heard that we built it, he said "I would think you would be well classed as competent to service your own jackets", or words to effect.

One other thing, I have new cartridges (from a renowned manufacturer) that carry no expiry, the only way to check them is by weight.