Do You Tweak?

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Re: Do You Tweak?

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It looks like the white line is the original sheet which leads back to the jib sheet track (though you can't see this). I would then presume you would take the load off the block first (let out the blue tweaker line), take in on the jib sheet then remove / relocate the tweaker block which which won't have any load on at all.
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Re: Do You Tweak?

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Corley wrote:Here is the tweaker on Charles Meredith's "Peccadillo" a Chris White Atlantic 46' design cat. It's a block with one cheek that can be unclipped to drop over the sheet and lashed to one of the docking cleats. It works very well and gives much better control over sail shape than just the track.
tweaker Peccadillo.jpg
I like my arrangement better! It's cheaper, simpler, and IMO gives more control of the clew. I can use the sheet against the tweaker to put the clew pretty much wherever I want it.
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Re: Do You Tweak?

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44c, you have a PM...
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