Bi-rig tips for newbies. . .

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Bi-rig tips for newbies. . .

Post by jaleel_da_sheik » Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:50 am

I've yet to find a good post for basic techniques on sailing with a bi-rigged cat. I know that each boat/bi-rig will handle differently, but am curious as to how you go about sailing your bi-rig.

Possible topics: tacking, gybing, reefing, heaving to, sailing off of anchor/dock, etc.

- shiek

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Re: Bi-rig tips for newbies. . .

Post by Corley » Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:59 am

I've no personal experience with bi rigs but I asked Rafi about his cat2fold bi rig and observations he has twin unstayed rigs on his cat.

The boat sails very easily and tacks very well. I basically single hand with my girlfriend on board. I often sail right to where I drop the hook. And I love to sail off the hook.
She sails (and tacks) quite well with only one sail up.
I have a free flying jib that I used some last year in Mexico. It works well for pointing and close reaching. I'm adding a furler that can be used with either the jib or my new used drifter for light wind work. I like running the front sail on the leeward hull. Mostly so the sheets are outside the living area. If the winds are up over 10-15, the two mainsails generally work well enough by themselves. I am cruising with the boat and only doing fun, easy races.
In and around a beam reach, the windward sail will blanket the leeward, but it is easily fixed by easing the windward sheet until the leeward sail fills again.
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