2 wire distribution buses

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2 wire distribution buses

Post by northerncat » Sat May 31, 2008 7:55 pm


i really think that someone on here needs to try one of these or the equivalent out and report back to us on it, tony? alan?


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2 wire distribution buses

Post by madaz » Sun Jun 01, 2008 5:53 am

Looks interesting, I bought a blue seas circuit breaker panel of Ebay in the states a while ago though. Wiring is the thing i am not lookign forward to, so much so that i havent run any anywhere as yet.

I am like an emu with its head in the sand on this topic, im hoping it will go away but i dont think it will so i beter bite the bullet and make an attempt. It would be nice to have a site that has some wiring diagrams on it that would be similar to what i am after but i am yet to find any.

Are there any places that will just do up a diagram for nuf nufs like me to follow? :roll:

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2 wire distribution buses

Post by RW » Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:07 pm

I am suffering from the same problem as you. I am at the stage where wiring needs to be done & have been putting it off. I need to move forward but not sure what to do. Although my wiring will not be as extensive as yours it still needs to be done. If i find anything i will send on.


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2 wire distribution buses

Post by Whimsical » Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:22 pm

The wiring is the easy bit, wiring is just a multitude of simple circuits installed together. Golden rule is to permanently label each end of the wire, and don't use labels made with a thermal printer. What is hard is selecting the pieces of gear that you want. If you want to cut down on both wieght and cost don't get carried away with a circuit breaker for each device or keeping all the breakers in one position. Group similar items onto one breaker and if several breakers will feed to the same position install a sub board with a single feed rather than many individual runs. With lighting bone up on how to do a good splice and have a single daisy chain feeding the entire light circuit. On a cat I would have one loop for each side. Radios, in my opinion, deserve a seperate feed from the batts to limit interference from other devices. Install good fuses at the batts to protect each feed line. DON'T and I repeat DON'T use circuit breakers to protect the feeds. These can weld shut if a very high current flows in a short circuit condition. Fuse all power generating devices at the source.


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2 wire distribution buses

Post by northerncat » Wed Jun 04, 2008 3:01 am

i know what your saying rw but when you sit down and actually start running wires its easier than it looks


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2 wire distribution buses

Post by admin » Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:54 pm

Hope you didn't mind, but I split this topic and placed grounding under a separate heading. Admin

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2 wire distribution buses

Post by 44c » Thu Sep 11, 2008 2:45 am

In case I don't install all the wiring I need first up, I've been installing lots of conduits. Some are just the usual 1/2inch type, but in some places' like across the back beam, where a lot of services will run, I've used 90mm round stormwater downpipe. In other placesr 40mm drain pipe, or the rectangular downpipe.

To help run any additional wiring I might need, I've been putting some lengths of that 4mm pvc irrigation riser tube in the conduits. It's dirt cheap and I can duct tape any extra wire I need to it and pull it through.

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2 wire distribution buses

Post by mySerenity » Thu Sep 11, 2008 7:41 am


Your additions will come in very handy, if not when you do the wiring, then at a later stage when the ‘add-ons’ arrive. I too did this and only wish I had made the ‘main corridors’ wider, to carry the cables that I have since added as a result of changing bits and pieces. Next time (ha ha) the cavities will be even wider to take our GPS moulded plug (15mm) or transducer plug (20mm), the current challenges that we have just overcome.

Inserting feeder-wire now rather than later is an absolute must in my books. I like the idea of 4mm riser tube. Fiddling on your back, upside down using your fingers to see because you can’t get a torch down there and then getting the cable stuck in a bend, does test ones patience. :evil: :evil:


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2 wire distribution buses

Post by Dreamtime » Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:00 pm

Hey all,

As this is an older thread, I have found more info that I would like to share as I incorporate into 'SV Dreamtime'.

BEP Marine now have a system called Contour Zone. It perked up my interest as I am a Control Systems Engineer (Was a sparky in a previous life, 15 years ago :shock: ) and this is exactly what I do and work on every day. :) It now has a hook into Lorrance sounders/multifunction displays and will make wiring SOO much easier as you mount the units where you need them and only run power and NEMA2000 cables between them. This is becoming the norm in industry, we have ~2000 instruments wired in the same way in buses just in one section of our refinery.

I see that this gear is available in Aus now and it is starting to make its way onto eBay. So, as per Seans question, has anyone thaught about using any of this gear in thier builds?? Or will I be the test bunny???

I am a few years away from wiring yet so the technology still has time to grow and mature. :D into a more stable platform.

Scotty & René

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2 wire distribution buses

Post by Finally » Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:43 am

I, too, am quite a way off from doing the electrical work (18 months or so if all goes to my revised build plan). At this stage I have been talked into Empirbus which we sell through work (so priced to me accordingly). The previous owner of the business put it throughout his 57 ft power cat (with flybridge) which he sold a month or so ago. He loved the system, especially the ease of wiring and the flexibility of the system (even after installation) as well as being able to identify and locate any problems in the system/wiring. In fact (lucky me) he has offered to help me with the electricals on my build (I'm not a sparky). He had it set up to text him for bilge warning alarms and security alarms as well as various lighting schemes and even to switch to and from black water tanks when going in and out of green zones (don't ask me how he did that). Some of it is a bit over the top for what I want but I like the concept. There's a newer "better" model coming out later this year which is NMEA 2000 compatible (if that's the correct term) so I'll wait and see what the real improvements are before making the final leap of faith.

By the way, Scotty, this boat was in Gove a couple of weeks ago on it's way to Perth with it's new owners. You may have seen it there if you have gone by the anchorage recently.


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