2 wire distribution buses

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2 wire distribution buses

Post by Jim » Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:37 am

I'm with you S/C, why hurl money at something that is not complicated just to make it less complicated. Hi tech has it's place, but I can't see the advantages on a small home built cat. There is mention somewhere here about the weight of extra wire, well it weighs zip compared to anti foul paint or a couple of cartons of beer.


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2 wire distribution buses

Post by Catalyst60 » Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:12 pm

Confucious He say "K I S S"


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2 wire distribution buses

Post by Trev » Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:50 pm

Does anyone know the price (ball park) of one of these systems?


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2 wire distribution buses

Post by tuskie » Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:15 am

The "2 bus "systems like all things to do with boats have advantages and disadvantages.

Scotty (thanks mate!) has pointed out a few advantages that i was otherwise ignorant of. To me the main advantages of these systems are:

(a) a low weight wiring system, and

(b) a fully engineered and designed system that can be bought and installed "off the shelf"

On the other hand, as previously mentioned the opportunity for things going pear shaped seems huge to my unelectrical brain. I hope SMSing a boat is easier than SMSing my teenage daughters!

I'm not sure how much cost penalty is involved, as these systems are becoming more common and therefore cheaper in price. The actual wiring of a 2-bus system is much simpler, hence the weight saving.

Adopting new technology is usually a bit of a leap of faith until it becomes the norm.

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2 wire distribution buses

Post by Dreamtime » Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:31 pm

Hey Trev, Tuskie and everyone else.

I have indicated what can be done in an extreme system that you could install given the equipment available on the market today. I work on the KISS principle and will not be installing such an extravegnt system.

In terms of cost, I found a website here in Aus selling EmpireBus systems.

Each node is about $400, each of these nodes can contain 4 cards - The cards come in several flavours - 8 Inputs, 8 outputs, 8 relay outputs Dimmer module, windscreen wiper module etc and run in at about $500 each give or take a bit based on type.

For a cat, I would have 4 nodes, each with 2 - 3 cards in them so about ~$1500 each. The cables to run between them are very simalar to computer network cables and are not that expensive so all up - at current retail prices in australia - you would be looking at around $7k. This is expensive....

eBay AU has BEP C-Zone for sale at the moment. This system is a lot cheaper on the surface, however the cost would be around the same but you do not have to have a PC to set it up. It is all done through a monitor screen.

As with nav gear, the cost in USA is a lot less and it is coming down in price all of the time. I am hoping that the new EmpireBus NXT system when released in November will be better priced. It is one module that you use for everything. It comes with 16 ins and outs each (Configurable) so you only have to carry one spare.


Scotty & René

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