Galley Position

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Galley Position

Post by CatNappin »

Not sure if this topic has been covered yet, seems everytime I discuss it with other yachties it brings on a debate.

Is the galley better up or down?

Seems to be pro's and con's for both.

Thoughts anyone?
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Galley Position

Post by northerncat »

down but this is only from reason and logic not experience, i also think its slightly easier to build down

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Galley Position

Post by Whimsical »

What size are you building?

I had a long thread on the same subject over at cruises forum.

Consensus was that under 40' the galley down is the way to go and over 40 galley up. I am building 40' so this doesn't help.

Pros for up include sociability for the galley slave, more convienient for grabbing a coldie or snack and better visability while cooking.

For galley down better use of space, dirty dishes are out of sight, more able to brace while at sea, bigger settee for socialising, room for nav/helm station up.

I have a 5 year old that will need home schooling so am keen on having a computer station come helm up where she can be better supervised.

I think there would be more bench space in a galley down and the fridge could also be bigger as it doesn't have to fit entirely under the bench and could go from just below the chamfer panel to right up under the deck.

I will wait until i can lay out the furniture panels in situation to get a better appreciation of the spaces and sizes before I commit either way.

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Galley Position

Post by 44c »

You're right, there are pro's and con's for both. Depends on your priorities. More importantly ask the cook!

Having built galley down, I would now say that I think building a galley up would be easier! BUT it will only work if your bridgedeck area is big enough. Try drawing your bridgedeck area to scale and see how a galley, dinette, and nav would fit.

Have a look at boats like the Tasman 35 - it's galley up, and really there is very little bench space. Galley down would work much better in a boat that size IMHO

Alternately you could move the nav area down, there would be plenty of space for it. I want an internal helm station at the nav, so the nav had to be up. We also want seperate lounge seating not at the dinette - proper comfortable seats - both of which meant the galley had to be in the hull.
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Galley Position

Post by Jim »

Welcome CatNappin, I am not sure which boat you are building but the galley up or down is a bit like the mono/cat and Ford/Holden thing, personal choice. I tried a zillion different layouts as I wanted to put the galley up, but at the end of the day it just wasn't practical. In this case size does matter, and as I am building an Easy 37 to put the galley up just kills the saloon space. There are other cats around the same size with a meter or more beam, which helps, but you still don't get much bench space and it reduces the loungs seats by a couple of spots. Also at the end of the day I couldn't come up with anything practical to use the galley down space, for if not a galley.

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Galley Position

Post by steve-l »

Welcome Catnappin

if you are going to have a BBQ In the cockpit you'll be doing some cooking up anyway.

Steve and Cheryl

Galley Position

Post by CatNappin »

Yes it does create a good debate doesn't it.

I am building the 12 metre Easy. (Sarah) Have looked at a lot of diferent Cats with galley both up and down. Even seen a Cat that extended the bridge deck level into hull space to give the impression of bigger area up. Made it abit narrower in the hull, still had lots of storage space and did make it roomier.

Yes going to have a bbq, thinking of not having the oven. Will look at seperate fridge(up), freezer (down). Know its still along way off but. :)
Smooth Cruiser
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Galley Position

Post by Smooth Cruiser »

One point that I would add is that the Easy is one of the best designs that I have seen for making the transition between bridgedeck and hull space as open as possible. A lot of boats I have been on see you disappear down stairs into the hull with the galley being like a seperate room away from the action. With the wide open gap between the hull space and the bridgedeck saloon, galley down on an Easy still has the person who is cooking feeling that they are part of the group - still joining in the conversation etc. Hence in an Easy I feel the normal drawbacks of galley down are mitigated considerably and it is a good option.
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