Considering a Spirited 480 new build

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Re: Considering a Spirited 480 new build

Post by Finally » Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:28 pm

mikeb wrote:I love the 'idea' of going electric but as much as I wanted too I couldn't make the numbers work.
I did the same thing when I was considering starting my own home build project (so that's 6 or more years ago). Keen as mustard when starting out my investigations but soon came to the realisation that any electric or diesel electric system just didn’t make any economic sense. I would have paid a little premium to go the "green" path but the chasm between a straight diesel vs an electric system was just too wide and too deep. In the last 6 years that chasm may have closed a little but I have yet to find or read of a truly successful electric system (from an economic standpoint).

Let’s all hope that “Arrow 12” has the apple-shot and electric systems are now more economically viable.

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Re: Considering a Spirited 480 new build

Post by mahnamahna » Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:14 pm

I went down exactly the same path. Besides hating the smell of diesel, it makes me seasick, I ruled out inboards for many reasons including internal space, lack of another place that might one day leak, but also because retro fitting electric at some future point seemed more difficult with inboards.

I costed Solomon Technologies and Asmo, Solomon was the dearer, but roughly speaking, each power option doubled in cost, with a pair of brand new outboards about $11k, a pair of diesels about $25k, and a pair of electric motors, controllers, batteries (still impossible to have enough on board to have anything more than docking and a couple of hours cruising) and solar and back then (over 5 years ago) you got no change from $50k.

Maybe one day battery tech will improve enough to equal the energy storage of fossil fuels (semi conductors?) and pv will improve to recharge almost as fast as electric motors draw, but most importantly mass take up will dramatically reduce costs. 10 years ago there was a lot of talk of peak oil, now the price has crashed due to over supply, so the urgency of development seems to have waned.

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Re: Considering a Spirited 480 new build

Post by teamROAM » Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:10 am

My opinion:

1 - Build the boat to be the best sailing vessel you can and focus your time and money there first. Wind Energy.
2 - Your auxiliary propulsion system should be thought of the same way as you would a safety system. Simple, safe and reliable.
2.1 - Electric system sounds great but unless it can drive me off a lee shore in +40 knots when for what ever reason I can sail off its not for me. If it cant them make sure your boat can sail REALLY REALLY well.

Regarding the engine hatches we have not had any issues and have no water ingress and decent engine access. Happy to answer questions.


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