Want to make a vessel sea worthy

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Want to make a vessel sea worthy

Post by i5chb » Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:25 am

I am looking for tutorials and detailed notes on how to make a vessel self righting if it capsizes or what some general theories are on that, and I am looking for notes and information on making vessels stable(I understand to make a super low center of gravity, and my design is pretty good. Itll be about 150 feet long and the first sort of 75 feet will be single hull design to cut through waves without slapping and the last half of the vessel will be catamaran style

But I could use some ultra detailed notes and theories on surving storms. I plan on crossing the atlantic in this thing, and I know im gonna get caught in weather.

Like you know I need forces from wind and forces from whitecaps in the ocean. I know how to make my vessel drain properly but you know I need to know whats going on with 150 mph of wind incase I get caught in a hurricane.

I plan on growing this on a tree basically, and I plan on making them luxurious, and It will carry a car but it will have a garage.

But I need to know everything about making this thing seaworthy so I don't sink it.

Thanks for the advice, and I know how to make it watertight etcetera and it will not be that tall, and I think it should draft about 4- sort of 6 feet.

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