The CSC 30

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The CSC 30

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I looked around a little bit, but I didn't see any discussions about the CSC 30 "plans", that the Coastal Passage released in its Nov/Dec 2015 issue. I realize these are not really plans, and more like rough guidelines, but for someone with some boat building and woodworking experience there is definitely enough there to put this together.

The "plans" are located here: Be sure to open the PDF and look into the magazine issue for more details.

I have built some smaller skiffs in the past, but I am now looking forward to retirement and considering my final build. I wanted something a little longer than 30 feet, but I feel pretty confident I could add another six feet to this design fairly easily and modify the hulls so that entry is possible from the salon. The guy who put this together admits that he was heavily influenced by a Waller design.

Does anyone have any thoughts on these plans?

I get why a lot of people want more in depth plans to build from, but a lot of this is just common sense. I bought study plans for the Farrier Marine F-41 some years back, and have been looking at the Easy Catamarans as well. I'm just trying to figure out if I can if it makes sense to spend a few thousand dollars on plans. Plywood over frame construction seems pretty straight forward.