Florida ASA Course

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Florida ASA Course

Post by rexd666 » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:39 pm

So to train myself on a multi bigger than a Maricat and to give my wife her first proper sailing introduction, I have booked us on a week long course in the US. Just a slight risk there as we only recently got a drug to fix her airsickness, so pumping some more of them into her and casting off. But she will have flown 4 legs on planes before then so should be all sorted for dosage.
I looked a several courses in the Caribbean, but Florida date wise worked out best for us. The course is 4 ASA courses/certifications all on a cat, and mainly doing them so I can start to charter. Then I just need to find some people to rent out the other 3 cabins on my charter to make it economic.
The other reason to do a course is me trying to teach my wife anything is not a good idea, for some reason the common courtesy that a perfect stranger gets does not apply to husband. So instead the instructor can tell us both what to do.

This is all while I wait for the council to approve of my new shed/garage which can accommodate large sections of a boat. In the meantime I will post pics from the trip and maybe even try and post some updates along the way. And now I go hit the books they sent me to see what I don't know.

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