Dent to Dunk 2009

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Dent to Dunk 2009

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A heads up for anyone out and about on the water cruising up the Queensland coast.

The 100th Centenary of the Dent to Dunk Race and Rally is on this year - the race starts June 20th and the Rally starts June 13th. Both finish on or around June 23rd.

Great sailing, resort stop offs, BBQ's on beaches, socialising, partying etc etc.

Should be a fantastic event. For the whole story visit the website:

Dent to Dunk

I will be in it - quite a lot of other cats too, a few Graingers, Lightwaves, Perry's etc. Should be a whole lot of fun.

Hope to see a few people there - entries close June 5th!! Might even see a few of the Cairns guys at the finish??