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Article Index


When Logged-in, an index of 'ARTICLES' will appear when pressing this tab. Within each heading, are articles of interest:

  • Building Methods
  • Composite Materials
  • Desalinators and Watermakers
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulics
  • Miscellaneous
  • Motors – Electric & Fuel (Gas)
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Sails and Rigging
  • Timber and Plywood





Article Submission

We would love to hear from you (including Advertisers), even if you think your skills could be lacking in the 'writing department'. Consider printing this page and use it as your 'Guide'. We can help you make the document look good and read well. While there is a list of guidelines below, this is 'our wish-list' only, as it makes submission that much more easier.

  1. Article:
    1. Must be original content.
    2. No ‘pure advertising’ (Advertisers, please refer below).
    3. Word Limit - 4000 words per article.
    4. Photo size – Please save as .gif or .jpeg files only. Height or Width max 200x200 and 200kb in size. Photos should be clearly identified by name and marked in red for positioning in the article.
    5. Writing Format – ALL formatting will be removed for publishing. Use one size text throughout and MS Word document is our preferred. Do not include lines or blended drawings or colours (unless red for photos) into an article, they will be lost in transfer.
    6. Supply us your preferred Article Heading
  2. Writer
    1. DIY-Yachts forum member - 5 or more posts.
    2. Advertisers - please refer below.
    3. Name will be published (Advertisers, please refer below).
    4. Phone number is required, to prevent spamming (This will remain private and WILL NOT be published.
  3. Submission Understanding - While this would be used on very rare occasions, please read the statement.
Writing Tips:
  • Cut the waffle, its far better to have less sentences that attract the readers attention. Its better to have a smaller informative document than a large document with the same data. If there is a lot of data, consider two smaller good articles, than one large article.
  • While not mandatory, credibility can be gained by backing your data with references (ie a link to another web page). We will make the link for you, just let us know 'where you want' or 'what word you want' linked. Additional links/content may be added by 'admin' to help sell the DIY-Yachts Website (this will be advised to the writer prior to print).
  • Use to resize an photographs that you want inserted.
  • Good articles are those that are unique, even if very simple in content (ie how to polish stainless steel, how to make a helm wheel).



  1. We welcome all Advertiser Article content and will post this free-of-charge however, the content MUST BE of an informative nature and not based solely on selling your product.
  2. Approval is required via the 'Article Submission' link below.
  3. While we hope never to refer to this level, please be clear with regard 'Submission Understanding' below.
  4. We encourage 'pure advertising' and offer 'banner space' to all Advertisers. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Article Submission Understanding

Once an article is submitted, DIY-Yachts has the sole right to remove or modify that article without justification or notification. Submitting an article does not automatically mean it will be published and articles may take up to two (2) weeks to be posted on the website. Where modifications are requested, the article will not be posted until the modifications made and resubmitted by the writer. Once posted, requests for article removal must be lodged via this link.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.